Lighting leaks. Need help.

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by 404UNF, Apr 11, 2011.

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    I just ran a test compile of that 2Fort conversion I'm working on and so far every time I've ran it, it spits out an error about a light leaking.

    So I go to the co-ords and I found out that all the lights that are leaking are in the big conference room area (the one you can see through the window near the Intel).

    So I removed the light-spots along the outer walls, and compiled again.

    Now it's saying the prop_statics (the lamps hanging from the support beams) are leaking.

    How do I stop this constant leaking? I don't feel like having to remove EVERY light entity in the map. I already converted all the walls and such of both conference rooms from func_detail to actual solid brushes.
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    The entities themselves aren't leaking. You can delete every single entity save one, and then that will leak. VBSP determines the "inside" of a map using point entities, so leaks will always be "from" one of them.

    Go to map > load pointfile, after a compile, and check the red line that's drawn.
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    Removing the lights is the wrong way to fix a leak. You need to close the gap in the brushwork that they're leaking through. Like Ardy said, you need to follow the red line to find it. Hiding all world details helps too.
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    Oh, also: AFAIK, prop_statics don't actually leak: they just throw an 'outside of map' error.