Lighting Leaking Through Displacements

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    I have a couple of small issues, not actual "map leaks" but light showing through a couple of displacements in ways I don't want. First off as you can see this entire tunnel is made out of displacements, outside those displacements is nothing I don't have any sort of box around them so the light that is shining in is from the skybox brush. The most obvious issue is the pillars I have set up, they are simply cylinder brushes I have set to func_detail and have clipping through the displacement to give the illusion of being buried in the dirt, however due to this the light is catching on faces that are INSIDE the tunnel as well as outside, is there a way to disable that? I don't want skybox lighting appearing on the cylinders at all, however when I put the rest of the lights in the tunnel I would like those lights to affect the cylinders.


    The 2nd issue is impossible to capture on screenshots due to its nature the issue is that there is a teeny tiny gap showing up that is letting light shine in between a couple of displacements. Also the light only becomes visible once I move far enough back. If I'm right next to it I can't see it. In hammer I have all the vertexes lined up correctly as far as I can tell (all of the displacements sew perfectly fine yet it leaves this apparently 1pixel thick hole only visible from a distance. Any suggestions on figuring out what is causing it or how to remove it?
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    First- put nodraw behind your displacements instead of skybox. Nodraw doesn't cast light, so there's no light to leak through the back of the displacement.

    As for the second thing, as far as I know, it's an engine bug, and the only way to fix it is recreate both displacements and hope it doesn't happen again.