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    i crated room with light_spots and cubemap but where light doesn't lights is completly dark! How to fix it?
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    Either increase the power on the spot lights, mess with the range values on the spot lights, or add point lights to create low level ambient lighting.

    I don't recommend using spot lights for general purpose lighting.. they are not good at providing smooth levels of illumination without several hours of fine tuning. Use point lights to get things close to where you want them, then save spot lights for creating highlights and making things interesting visually.

    Doublecross is an excellent example of spot light use. Foundry is pretty good too.
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    My experience is that you have to mix them according to what is best for the light source. If its a lightbulb the point light is better but if its a lamp shade it should be a spot light.

    And for brightness values i generaly go above 800 on the spot lights (point lights needs far less), anything below 800 is often barely noticed and just doesnt provide enough. This still is depending on the area you use it.

    And most ideal would simply be making sure that the ambient light is set so most of the map is well lit except for inside areas where you are forced to use lights. You can still add more lights outside to give a better feel and for that the point light already does enough as spotlights are barely noticed.

    If you are still in the learning phase i would recommend checking the lights that are used in valve maps and simply clone those. Adjusting them is easier as they already start out with a good working setting and color (you can allways adjust them a minimal way to a color you want).