Model LF Modedel for a TF2 Map project near discontinuation

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    I'm on a map project im personally eager to complete at all cost, the map i'm making is for my TF2 Server, the map i want to remake is Lumiose City (based on paris, here's an overall illustration of Lumiose City City scene illustration.jpg ) from the popular RPG Pokemon X and Y, and want to recreate its feeling, one of a busy but peaceful sunny market day, considering the only existing pokemon-themed maps are cheaply made blocky maps with 8-bits textures on it, and they have no hangout/idle value in long-term, which i am seeking to bring in this map, because it will come with many interactive features that are updatable in real time, and a dynamic map that has a morning/day/evening/night cycle in real time.

    Here are some of the concepts for props,W2JIGg3,fI6r93F,294EDt5,zsz0PUP#2 and some of the UVs i textured,IhrcV1R,Jz9uW23,9OwHCFm,9Jr2lab,2z010mp#5
    and here's a very early render of the map, testing the few custom models i had: /

    and this, is the intended layout of the map , crescent shaped, featuring friendly hangout caf├ęs, boutiques repurposed as TF2 themed shops (samurai theme, urban wear etc...), a stone emporium repurposed as a display of the metal/key market, an updatable museum and billboards/posters, photo shooting studio repuprosed as an unusual screenshot area etc...