Letters #1: A FoolsCoal and Clockwork Update

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    So earlier this week I updated my status to say that I'm now done with Finals and can start focusing on​
    mapping for the rest of summer. And while every word of that's true, I still have one more big distraction coming up, a week long cruise in the middle of July. The main problem that this is troubling me is that my Mvm map, FoolsCoal, is still in development thanks to a problem with the nav_mesh system. Because of that, I haven't been able to get it functional enough to upload it to here and with the cruise coming up fast, I may not be able to get it up by the due date. I'm thinking I'll just upload it when it's finally functional and just not care if it's apart of the contest or not.

    On another note, just today, I uploaded a new map, Clockwork. My last two Koth maps were fairly​
    bad; the first one,Blitzfall,having an issue where the Frontline props made the file size huge, SandyDig, wasn't well thought out and was constructed poorly, and both I was unable to see the playtesting because of school. But, I'll be fixing up Blitzfall soon, and I will be trying to keep Clockwork under constant testing to get it to a better stage. Oh, and SandyDig will probably get dumped. Just saying.

    Anyways, for almost all of you, none of this applies to you, nor do you even need to care, but, I'm​
    posting this for those who have been In my position and for them to see that they weren't the only one there, and to just get this off of my chest and out of the way.
    -With Kindness