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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently making a CTF called Lethal Lava Land, and yes that is an obvious title to Super Mario 64. This map has fireballs, lava, and moving lava changing the map every minute. It also features a design that is based around an offensive CTF style, so no imitating 2fort here.

    On the less advertising side of things, I mostly need help with the layout. I am a decent mapper, so the only thing holding me back from finishing this map is the fear that the layout of it sucks currently. I think it is fine, but I still need more feedback. My other issue is the lava water I am using currently. I have very little clue how I am supposed to make the current lava water act as I want it. I attempted to give it a fog that would emulate being in lava, aka just pure red, but even fog will not work. If anyone could help along there, well that would be great.

    Thanks To,
    Zanarias, for making the original particles
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    I am going to love playing in a Lava themed environment because that's so rare and exiting. Being on the edge of death every time. Like the timed traps in Super Mario you know? :D

    But when I see your screenshots, they scream for LOS blocking! AKA OP Sniper :O

    What also would be very beneficial is taking the dangerous lava routes for some purpose. Obviously that would be shortcuts; take less time to get where you want to go. And having full-hp / full-ammo boxes there, where on the rest of the map only small ones of both are.
    Don't be tempted to take this advise as removing spawn resupply lockers. cp_warpath doesn't have any, and it sucks.

    I don't know if it could be beneficial or even disruptive to use breakable floor like in the Zelda Gameboy games. It would fit into the lava theme / lethal theme to have dangerous terrain. Tie func_breakable to a part of the floor, and give it an obvious unstable looking texture. trigger_multiple on top of it in it's center. Not a big trigger_multiple, a really small one. If someone stays for let's say a second on top of that unstable floor, it will permanently break and grill the Dummkopf. Not sure how to make a timer but just as an idea.

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