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    The man surveyed the array of world-creators below him with a watchful eye,

    Some were dilligent,
    Some were hard-working,
    Some were hopeless,
    Those few were doomed.

    The man surveyed the doomed with his opthalmic gaze, and spoke to their souls,

    "You build hollow boxes around your worlds,
    You let reality leak into the ether,
    You do not imbue reflectivity,"
    He spoke to the doomed.

    The man chuckled; an ethereal laugh, ripping their souls from reality,

    "You steal the work of others,
    You do not think to listen,
    You worship the bovine."
    He spoke to the doomed.

    The man flicked his almighty hand
    And placed their many souls into a new reality,
    A reality of his choosing,
    A final reality for the doomed.


    (Yes it was all leading up to that)
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    That sir is awesome ;)