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    Yup. I'm leaving.

    I might be back though. Never know who I'll be.

    Let's just say, "Daedryon" is dead. (No, no suicidal intentions are being indicated, I mean "dead" as in the username is no more).

    I made a solemn promise to never end up on EncyclopediaDramatica, and now, it seems I have.

    So I shall now take my leave from the internet, killing off The Prince of Madness, Daedryon, in the process.

    To the admins: Please delete this topic, as well as all of my posts after a time period of 2 weeks has passed. Thank you.

    Goodbye to everyone, but not for long, for we shall meet again, though you won't know who I am.
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    just an fyi,
    the site does tell us who is using alt accounts :)
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