CTF Lavatech b6

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L1: Registered
Sep 22, 2018
looks EPIC
i do think that it would be fitting the agent gunn: vulkanite theme
keep on going!


L4: Comfortable Member
Apr 17, 2017
Very neat map! Loving the layout, and I love that the lava around the map has cinders floating off of it. Very atmospheric.

I have to ask though, is this invisible wall between the medium health pack, and the medium ammo and healthpack near the flag on both sides of the map supposed to be here? It's not glass, and the hazard strip leads me to believe you're supposed to be allowed to drop down. To me, it serves no other purpose than to frustrate players. I've included some screenshots with r_drawclipbrishes 2 on to show you what I mean. Other than that, amazing map!