Lava Texture and Bridge Prop for Arena Volcano!

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by GooGuGajoob, May 18, 2017.

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    Greetings kind reader,

    I'm after a hand in two aspects of Arena Volcano. You will be credited for your help and maybe even help out with further work on the map if you wish :)

    1. Lava Texture:
    It's not secret my lava texture is very poor, but unfortunately it won't get much better if I were to update it.
    If anyone would like to contribute a lava texture that may also behave much like a water texture, fit with maybe particle effects of underwater, that would solve another issue of the invisible body of water beneath this non-solid lava texture.

    2. Bridge Prop:
    The bridge must be out of bounds for the first half of arena, in which it becomes available on the 'cap_enable' (aka lava rising). This just needs to be a roller door that rolls back out of the way of the bridge. Below is my place holder brush made door that simple disables when the lava rises.

    Any questions? I'll keep notified on this thread and respond to any and all questions or responses.

    Kind Regards,