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    Attack/Defend B.0 - 3 central points either team can capture. When one team captures all 3, the losing teams' final point unlocks, and the map becomes attack/defend. If the capturing team can take the final point, they win, otherwise it's a stalemate.

    This map is meant mostly as a portfolio piece, and hasn't been play tested what so ever. It's regrettable :(, but I really just needed a map for my portfolio asap. So I won't be changing the layout, but I'll definitely fix any clipping, lighting, etc issues that people report.

    There are definitely problems - the layout is wonky. In future A/D B.0 maps, I won't run the map through the enemy team's spawn. It was a bad idea, but I won't be fixing it for this map.

    Changes that need to be made:
    Add signs after middle 3 points are captured
    Triggers may need adjusting (timing, etc)
    Ammo/Health placement
    Any detail refinements people mention
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    Looks pretty cool! Really want to try it.
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    I was going to make a gamemode exactly like this, except there would have been only 1 center control point so it would be faster. In fact I'm still going to do that anyway.