Model Landfall Assets 2016-02-02

Models/Textures from ctf_landfall

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    Landfall Assets - Models/Textures from ctf_landfall

    Landfall Assets
    by Dr. Spud and Nineaxis

    This is a pack of all of the custom assets from ctf_landfall!

    Landfall's big redwood trees will turn your map into a dense forest. A forest like this could be filled with danger around every corner -- even bears!

    -the main redwood tree from the center of Landfall (a combo of displacement and props).
    -periphery redwood tree props, divided between the "lower" portion for the main map and "upper" portion for the skybox.
    -Skybox redwood tree
    -7 sign overlays
    -rock001 re-compiled with the gray forest texture
    -vmt blending default rock/grass textures
    -stump and bark textures (taken from default files, prepared as textures to use on displacement)
    -some useful brush geo from Landfall, including a displacement stump and some wooden platforms.
    -no bears (thankfully!)

    The American black bear is a medium-sized bear native to the California Redwood area. Bears are wild! Take steps to avoid a confrontation.

    Also included is a vmf with all the assets inside to get you started. If you encounter a black bear, DO NOT RUN! Instead, make yourself as large and aggressive as possible, and fight back if necessary.

    Feel free to use the assets in your maps, just add our names to the credits!
    -"sign001", "sign002", and "sign003" are by Nineaxis.
    -the rest is by Dr. Spud.


    The black bear is the most common bear species in the world. Usually, encounters with humans are in campgrounds or national parks, where bears find food brought by humans. Bears are smart and will learn to expect food from human interaction, so take care not to leave food in areas where they are exposed to the air or easily accessible to wildlife. Bears have been known to search for food they can smell, even tearing open car doors to access it. Although the black bear is not typically as aggressive as other species of bears, serious and fatal attacks have been known to occur. If you witness an aggressive bear near humans, call 911!
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    Missed the 72hr jam, but enjoy 2 days late!

    For best results I recommend using -staticproplighting and -textureshadows for nice self-shadows on the trees (tutorial).
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    i'm going to use these in cp_wildlife