Laggy servers, why do people play on them?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by [Rx.] Christian Troy, Oct 2, 2018.

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    I'm not sure what kind of lag this is called but I have seen it for as long as TF2 has been around. What I mean is not network or graphic lag but, the kind of lag a map gets when it has not been restarted after many hours passing by. It's playable but the constant small hesitation of everything including movement, firing weapons, or generally doing anything gets irritating fast. Do server owners not know what happens when a map doesn't get restarted after so much time?

    Then I have noticed that quite a lot of players will join these servers and play on them for hours. A good example is the SourceOP server for 2fort. It gets a lot traffic at all times but the server is set to allow players to vote on extending the map's time. In most cases when it gets to around the last 5 minutes of the map's time, someone calls a vote to extend it. Then about 99.9% of the time that vote is going to pass keeping the map from restarting. This cycle continues until they max it out each time. If the server didn't have instant respawn then it would be just a vanilla server.

    So what keep drawing people to these servers even though they run like shit?
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    Why do people still play tf2 it's buggy and sucks
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    Will Ferrell runs like shit, and people are still drawn to him and his movies.

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