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    As many of you have seen from the thread posted here:
    KritzKast is gainning a rep as a reliable source of TF2 information. What you may not know is what KritzKast is.

    We are a TF2 podkast on network. We've been podkasting about TF2 for almost 70 episodes at one a week for the last 60 or so.

    As well as the Robin Walker interview and related podcast we've interviewed Dark Immortal and Geit (creator of PropHunt for TF2), Drunken_f00l (SourceOP and Idle service,, FireSlash ( , Colt Seavers (Colt's Playground - group that assisted brining Youme's pl_hoodoo to life), Johnny Napalm (Server admin and occasionaly presenter for Contol Point) and Chemical Alia (Full female models of Heavy and Medic).

    Everything about the podcasts, including show notes, fan content and iTunes/Steam/YouTube/RSS links can be found at our website

    We've made a commitment to continue to report about TF2 for as long as TF2 is a relivant game in Valve's suite (or until we die, which ever happend later - Zombie podcasters!).
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    Nice, Can't say I've listened to a full episode yet. But then again, I haven't listened to any other tf2 podcasts either.

    I will give it a go and see whats what. Either way I think these things are very valuable for the TF2 community.