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    Changes to control point/top level

    Point is now high ground

    This blocks multiple sightlines and gives you height advantage instead of disadvantage while capping

    Increased the thiccness of the wall between the landing area of the launch pads and the control point area

    Changes to mid level

    Replaced the full heal with 4 small heals, widened the walkways to the health pack platform, added some brushes in the middle to block sightlines and to indicate you can’t capture the point by standing under it

    Narrowed the walkway that goes around the entire area, removed some brushes

    Side rooms: removed ammo packs, added launch pads that launch you to the control point

    Changes to lower level

    Replaced the medium health kit with a large health kit

    Replaced the 4 small health kits with medium health kits

    Added 2 medium ammo packs

    Added some brushes for cover / jumping around on, simplified brushwork of the ramps leading to the mid level side rooms

    Waterified water

    Changes to spawn area

    Moved entrance to side route closer to spawn and moved launch pads farther away

    Landing area for launch pads is flat instead of sloped

    Made the ‘glass cage’ accessible, though it still lacks any purpose other than blocking sightlines and looking neat

    Added overlays, props etc that are important for navigation, used lighter and darker dev textures to help navigating

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