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Aug 3, 2019
koth_yessir - A first map for TF2 with an interesting layout that may or may not be fun.

A King Of The Hill map.

This is my first TF2 map, and my first 'real', original map in Hammer. This is only Alpha 1, so keep that in mind when you look at it. It's a layout that I designed to be very vertical, where Soldiers are encouraged to rocket jump into the point and ambush enemies, Snipers are encouraged to aim inside the point using the Battlements, and all classes are encouraged to use their mobility to their advantage. Heavies are encouraged to defend the point and aim for the ceiling. I put a lot of hard work into this, and the only reason I'm submitting it now is because I'm out all day tomorrow and the day after and won't be at my PC to touch it up further.


- RED's spawn 'No Entry' indicator is bugged. It works just fine to prevent enemies going in there, but the indicator shows up weird. I'll have a fix for that soon.

- The point has a few brushes which block landing when rocket jumping. I will be able to fix that, just couldn't in time for this event.

- Sometimes you will fall off the stairs leading up to the battlements. I'm planning on fixing that too.

- The low res, absolutely HIDEOUS decals for Resupply and Battlements will be replaced with models, I just put them there because of time restrictions.


Thanks for reading. Hope it was worth the work I put into it, and I will be updating this further to fix any problems!

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