KotH koth_yellow [Deleted]

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Apr 10, 2018
koth_yellow - Small koth map

I don't know how many times you guys get "those" kind of maps. You know the ones with dev textures and it's obviously someone's first time map making with hammer and it's really innocent. Well, the time has come for another one of those maps, you're welcome. :)

I noticed the map had some empty spaces, so i placed some places for engineers and snipers, because i felt like they didnt have any place on the map. Oh yeah, and here's some flaws.
-There's no reason to even place an teleporter that's how small the map is.
-There might just be too many pick ups, need feedback.
-The map looks horrible.
-The slopes look horrible.
-I'm scared spawn camping might be too easy, need feedback.

Obviously i need a lot of feedback, and i'd really appreciate it if i got any.

(also the name isnt based on cp_orange, my steam alias is yellow and i had no idea for other names)
Not open for further replies.