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    koth_walruspit is a 'u' shaped king of the hill map.
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    This is not how you submit your stuff for the 72Hr Jam. Go to this thread and follow the instructions in the first post on how to get your map out.
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    I asked sharp to create a thread so i could discuss changes in detail.

    Okay so here's a sketch of how I think your map should look, very roughly:


    The big important thing is the thick red horizontal wall between the point and the spawn. That'll divide your map into three areas - a "yard" outside each spawn, and the point. If you look at nearly ANY koth map, they all work the same way - viaduct is most obvious. Viaduct is a good example actually: you're doing more or less the same thing, just twisted round into a U shape.

    This wall shouldn't just be a wall - it should be a row of buildings with a couple of routes through - again look at viaduct. The big wall of buildings between spawn and point has three paths through, and all three of them are crooked, so you can't ever shoot straight through. Look at how all viaduct's routes are z-shaped - and don't just take my word for it, open it up and check it out.


    (This is also good for optimisation.)

    So once you've made this wall, you can expand the area in front of spawn again. Look at that picture above and see how wide it is, and how its not very far across it. You probably want something like that - this makes it way harder to spawncamp, and means players can get straight into the action.

    I've used arrows in the first picture to show the routes you need: you need at least one path that goes past the point and around, so players can attack it from the other side. Don't make this path one long thin corridor- those suck - instead vary it a bit like pipeline. This is a long way to go, so i would raise the exit up a bit onto a platform so there's an advantage coming out there.


    An important idea in tf2 level design is the "2.5 routes" idea - you need two big ways and one small way to get to everywhere in the map. You have one way to get to the point.
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