KotH koth_trainhouse A1

Warehouse + Trainyard :P

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    koth_trainhouse - Warehouse + Trainyard :P

    Hi there,

    This is my first ever map and I hope everybody likes it. It is in Alpha. I am open to taking Suggestions and criticsm. The Map isnt symetrical but each team have major powers. Red has a Warehouse which connects Red Spawn to the point but Blu has a Train Car which can be climbed onto to reach the ovehanging bit. Each side has stairs running up to the ovehanging bits aswell.
    Main Point From Blu Spawn (Raised Point)

    Main Point From Red Spawn (Raised Point)

    Red Spawn

    Warehouse Connector From Red Spawn To Point And Steps to overhanging Bits

    Red Spawn + Warehouse

    Blu Spawn

    Blu Spawn + Steps To Overhang Bits

    Train Car To Overhang Bits
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    From the pictures, I can see you a few issues straight away. The map looks pretty big and possibly a little overscaled. It also looks quite flat for for the most part. Remember to texture everything we can't see with the "nodraw" texture (this is a good habit to get into).
    Having said this, it doesn't look quite as diabolical as my first attempt at mapping for Source :)
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    I see that in some of your screenshots the texture are unaligned, this can easily be resolved by having the Texture Lock tool DISABLED when making new brushes. :texlock:
  4. Nicky

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    I don't think you really need to worry about this for an a1.

    But for the map, try avoid using the orange texture a lot, as it is very bad and hurts many player's eyes.