KotH koth_trainhouse 2016-03-11

My new map that aint finished (Not even in alpha)

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    koth_trainhouse - My new map that aint finished (Not even in alpha)

    This is my map. It is currently NOT FINISHED and is no where near to being finished. I just want some feedback from my map and alos ideas on the run up to the main point. Thx, Scot
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    If you want feedback, finish it to the alpha state or upload some WIP screenshots to this thread so we can see what you're working on and give feedback based off of that. We can't test half completed maps. Also, please provide in-game screenshots of your map. We have an unspoken rule here that states no screenshots, no download.
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    There's nothing wrong with asking for feedback/suggestions before it's ready to playtest. If you like, you can show off what you've got so far on our WIP thread.
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    I was gonna download this and take a look anyway, but vel0city's right. You need a little more than just a capture point area to get any useful feedback! But I'll give suggestions.
    • I think the distance between the spawn and the point is a little too large. Since you have absolutely nothing in that space, I don't have much to say, but you can get some ideas by looking at official koth maps and see how they break up the map into sections. Also notice how they have height variation instead of one large flat slab of ground.
    • The bridge above your point should be lowered so that falling off of it doesn't damage you
    • That medieval ticket booth looks out of place
    • Make sure the map has some kind of symmetry, whether it's mirror or rotational. It should be symmetrical down to each individual brush and prop.
    • Don't use brightly colored lights in your map (talking about the red spawn). In play areas, it makes it hard to tell what team people are on, but even though there are only red people in red spawn, it hurts my eyes kinda.
    The one spawn you built works perfectly though. Good start and keep it up!
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