Koth_templeassault [Alpha] [Open] [Mayann project]

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    So, hi.
    I was making a hammer map for mayann project, but, finally, i failed. (long story)
    I would like someone to "finish" the map for me (we will be both in the credits, i'm the original creator etc...)
    IF YOU POST IT ON THE WORKSHOP, ADD ME IN CO-CREATOR/LET ME POST IT (you can choose. If you want my steam, it's simply my tf2maps.net nickname.
    THIS IS A PART OF THE MAYANN PROJECT, IF YOU DON'T POST IT FOR MAYANN, I WILL DO IT. (I will add you in co-creator on steam workshop.)
    If you are interested, the download link is below.
    Here is some help :
    A link the mayann project pack : http://www.mayannproject.com/prop_pack
    In-game screenshot below
    The red spawn has not been done, but if you're lazy, you just have to copy past the blu one and reskin it.

    Here is a little wall design to counter direct spawnkill

    As you can see, the map is pretty small. Feel free to extend it.

    Here is the central control point.
    I had planned to add props and soundscape, so you can add some.
    You can add a skybox and a functionnal sun.
    By the way, here is the env_sun and light_environment if you are unable to find these :

    As you can see, i have create block_bullet for the limit of the map. You can change this if you want.
    I had planned to make a "very sunny dusk" ambiance, but it didn't work at all.

    A second spawn for the blu. I had planned to make the door open vertically, you can fix it if you want.
    And yes, even if the red spawn dosen't exist, both spawn have protection (preventing red from enter in)

    Here is a little screenshot of the in-game map. (Yes the light is completly f*cked)

    Another one, this time the control point.
    What i had planned :
    -Make the red part.
    -Make some sniper and sentry spot.
    -MAYBE add a way up
    -Add details (Ex : an little oasis beside the red spawn and add prop in the middle of the map.
    -Make a correct 3D skybox (i had planned grass, but you can put somethings else)
    -Fix the mini blu spawn door.
    -Add a "very sunny dusk" ambiance. (If you can't, just add a jungle ambiance)
    -Add various soundscape.
    Sorry for my bad english, it's not my primary language.
    If you have any questions, ask.
    The files are NOT included in the the map, so you MUST download the mayann pack if you don't have it already.
    A link the mayann project pack : http://www.mayannproject.com/prop_pack
    Download (READ ALL TEXT ABOVE BEFORE DOWNLOADING ! ^ ^ ^) : koth_templeassault_v4.zip
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