koth_station indev

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Feb 10, 2017
koth_station - A linear koth map with environmental traps

This is what I worked on for the 72hr Summer Jam. It's linear koth map set in an under construction subway station. The control point is on the subway platform with a few environment traps around it, specifically the trains and an electric rail. There are booths between the choke and the point to break up sight lines and create some height advantage; as well as a couple drop downs outside of spawn that lead straight to the control point or certain death.

I used A Boojum Snark's resource pack for koth logic and easy access to props.
I also used the soda machine from the Bulletcrops pack (but it is not packed.)
The majority of the textures should be from in game, specifically the soho pack.

Known issues are trains getting stuck randomly, train tracks not lining up, bots running straight into the 3rd rail, and poor placement on boxes preventing players from moving past areas that seem open.
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