KotH Koth_snowater v4

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Evil Glaceon

L2: Junior Member
Jan 5, 2016
Koth_snowater - Koth Snow

*Fixed players getting other team spawn room

*Fixed players getting on top of spawns

*Fixed missing textures

*Players cant build on top of spawns in more

+2 way exit out of spawns

+Added Easter Egg

Had to dele old download to fix this


l666: Member of the Sacred Duck
Jul 10, 2017
you've probably been told this already, but where are the screen shits? it makes a game look cleaner, and the developer more experienced.

Evil Glaceon

L2: Junior Member
Jan 5, 2016
*Fixed alot of clipping and getting under the map and out of the playable areas parts of the map
*Redid Skybox textures
*Made the darker map with sum lighting

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L2: Junior Member
Aug 10, 2016
here is my feedback. You might want to make the version alpha, beta or rc instead of just v4, 8min koth timers arent fun, the map is quite overscaled and the buildings in the midle look like skybox props and there is some sloppy brushwork