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KotH koth_shiver_a1 koth_shiver_a1

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May 7, 2018
Wow this map is smaller than I expected, but the detailing on it is very good for something this early on in development. The only issue is that if you detail too early, then major changes are likely going to take longer, if you constantly re-detail. However, Im very new to mapping too, so dont take this all from me.

Anyway, I'd recommend putting your map the tf discord, so large groups can playtest it for gameplay editing for your map. Just some things that came up while looking around in awe, as I didnt expect this for an A1.

I'd recommend putting patches under these health and ammo packs on both sides of the maps, you can find them in the texture chooser, and you can put them on and resize them as an 'overlay'. It just helps people know that there will be health and ammo in that exact spot, to give newcomers an easier time.


I found this place a bit confusing. Turning one way actually makes blue go deeper into their building, which can cause a bit of confusion. Another arrow pointing towards the window is a decent idea.

For now I dont have much because Im not very experienced. Just some quality of life ideas. Also, such a small map can have its own issues, but I'll let other mappers with more experience be the ones to give judgement. Its good to practise texturing early, sure, and for now it does seem like a nice looking map.