koth_pantheon [Alpha] [Open]

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    This was a map I made for a tf2maps.net 72hr contest, and intended to submit to STAR's koth contest, but never made it past a2. I never intend to finish this map, and therefore shipping it here! This has gone through one stage of initial revisions to cleanup little things like playerclips and missing box collisions.

    Included in download is .vmf, .bsp, and a screenshot.

    This map is open, meaning do what you want with the map, and take it as your own, just so long as you give me credit in your map description.

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    It's absolutely a beautiful map. Thank-you for giving out such good inspiration.
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    So I was looking through my old files and I found this map in there. It seems the link for the old one was broken and is no longer available. I might have renamed it _dev from _a2 when I first downloaded it for some reason but I checked around in hammer and the map seems to be in the original state as far as I can tell.

    So ill upload the .bsp and .vmf files here in case anyone wants to mess with this map. If the owner wishes for me to take them down I will.

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    I'm hoping that by the lack of responses when this upload was originally posted, that no one took up this project, I will be making my own version of this map, its very nice.
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