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May 20, 2016

Hi, this is my very first map I have ever uploaded. Please do not be afraid to give constructive criticism. Disclaimer: I will ONLY consider constructive criticism if it's not stupid and in depth, all I am saying, is think before you type. I watched many videos to learn how to map, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it.
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Sep 20, 2015
Issues i see without playing:
  • no spawnrooms, you can spam straight into where people spawn
  • nothing between spawn and point, take a look at some official koth maps and see how they lay things out
theres not much to comment on because there's not all that much there yet

also worth noting alpha comes before beta, this should really be alpha 1, watch UEAKCrash's video about map iterations (and maybe this one about gameplay theory (in fact watch all of them if you can))

im sure you can use this as a base and start expanding it into something bigger!
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Oct 12, 2015
Also,I THINK usually on the maps there's a "Nobody's land",like idk... Process,Gullywash,Viaduct,Sawmill. Usually the mid point,of course.

Here,the point is exactly between both teams. Maybe expand the walls and make one of those "nobody's land" place? Maybe you can come up with something in there.

Also,what I can see without playing too is:

  • Map's REALLY small. If that white triangle-thingie is the spawn,I can already tell the map is REALLY small.
  • Comparing the images and the small size of the map,I THINK there's only 1 medium ammo and 1 full health? I really need to check that in-game.
  • And there's no cover at all on the point. Everyone can just spam stickies,rockets,jarate and even more.
Yrr already told you about UEAKCrash's tutorials,so yeah... Check them out,and yadiyada. V;