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    Alright, this is the sequal to koth_minifarm featuring much more detail, a bigger map size and a new egypt theme. Enjoy and feel free to tell me anything that could be done better.
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    you dont need to make a new thread for each iteration of a map.
    those pyramids are skybox models, not full-size
    and this is an alpha, i think. release candidates are entirely finished maps.
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    You should really try to make a proper layout, this is just a box, where you put random props in, which is not the way you want to do it. Height differences is also good to have.
    Also, this is not close to Release Candidate.
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    Ok, you've got several problems with your map. its a box, with props placed all around it very uninteresting, and makes for poor gameplay... it's also got huge sightlines OPing the sniper, textures aren't really very continuous, i doubt you'd find autumn leaves in the middle of an Egyptian desert. From what I can see in the screenshots, it's not symmetrical which is very important for KotH maps, it's very difficult to make a fair game for both sides with non symmetrical maps. Detailing is also quite important to work on as the map is flat and disinteresting and detailing doesn't count as whacking some random props that roughly fit the map theme inside the game space. I think it would be very hard to resurrect this map, so I'll suggest a complete do over. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, just trying to help you get better at mapping so you're future maps can be better.