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KotH KOTH_MannMine_A2 2017-09-13

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Sep 11, 2017
KOTH_MannMine_A2 - My first map, I made some edits. Dont expect to be great

My first ever map took 25-28 hours, 31 if you count editing, and 28 hours. Anyways! Dont expect this map to be great!


War Paints Everywhere
Apr 26, 2015
This looks great for a first map.It looks really good. There is some things that need to be change. I am not trying to trash your map. I am trying to point out the problems with the map in the nicest way that i can. The ground from spawn to control point doesn't seem to have much cover. This would be a problem for heavy and most classes. I would suggest making the health packs by the control point to be small due to engineers could quickly set up a level three sentry up there. Also with cover the snipers wont be over powered. Also there should be at least 3 spawn exits to reduce the spawn camping. Each exit spawn should be going to a different part of the map and not leading to the same area. Example two spawn exits leading to the small hallway that leads to the control point. This feedback is from screen shot. If you need doors and spawns prefab maybe look at my prefab Uber Spawn Start Prefab. It will have everything you will need to start up a spawn. It looks great for a first map. Keep up the great work.


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Sep 11, 2017
Is there a specific reason why I should post it as bsp, also Im workin on the second update, vents are gonna be included


May 13, 2013
Well we can only play your map if you compiled it. We're not going to download your VMF and compile it ourselves.


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Aug 10, 2016
BSP is the map file people can play on. VMF is the file you use to make your map. If you want people to play your map post the bsp