koth_frozencountry a2

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May 9, 2018
koth_frozencountry - Brrrr

What a great time of year ! It's freezing in the battlements and yet the water is still not ice. It's a bad time to get outside and yet the mercs arte fighting.

This map is a re imagining of my first ever first-real-real-map that i have never released. The map was still a koth map, and it was called "countryside". From a desert them to a snow alpine theme, because another one of my early map was a snow themed map.

Countryside was an experimental map for me back in 2018, learning no to use certain tools a certain way, learning how to mirror maps, learning scaling, learning how not to add new routes. Saying it's bad is an understatement, but when making it i knew it was bad. It was still during a moment when I knew I shouldn't publish anything because of my lack of experience. Now almost 4 years later i have decided to use the 72hr jam as a reason to dig into my old pool of maps and to give them a coat of usable and playable paint.

I have decided to not include the original map currently because of the 72hr jam being a current thing (and the old stuff dates from 2018) but once the showscase will release it will be out there.


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May 9, 2018
AlexEatDonut updated koth_frozencountry with a new update entry:

A2 Update

I made changes before the retest. The changes have been altered with the feedback.
I think it should be common sense to not use condenscending tones when feedbacking thx.
  • Widened mid
  • Made some areas larger and longer
  • Shortened spawn
  • Obsolete
  • Made the awkward building next to the point an open area with a death pit, and made route changes related to it.
  • Made the original death pit look better and brighter
  • Globally shortened spawn times

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