KotH koth_excavation a1

Test of future CP map's mid.

  1. Redfire

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    koth_excavation - Test of future CP map's mid.

    This is my first stab at map making, and im sure it shows.

    I was originally going to make a 5 CP map(and i still intend to do so), with this being the mid point. However, i was advised to try releasing this as a KoTH map first to make sure it flows right.
  2. seanji

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    Your point is extremely low, and your highground is extremely high. In both cp and koth mapping, it's important that a retake is possible, in its current state, defenders will hold the highground and spam down onto anybody that attempts to retake the point.

    As well as being so high up, the highground is covered and allows for on foot rotation across the mid, with a staircase down to some health to boot !! In general, spots should have both advantages and disadvantages, to force the player to move and commit to certain holds and pushes, otherwise, you have a very linear map.