KotH Koth_DeathWatch B1

Halloween king of the hill watchtower

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    Koth_DeathWatch - Halloween king of the hill watchtower

    FYI: THIS MAP IS NOT FOR THE SCREAM FORTRESS 2015 ANYMORE, THIS WILL BE A PART OF NEXT YEARS SCREAM FORTRESS EVENT ALONG WITH THREE OTHER MAPS I WILL BE MAKING. I am releasing an beta version now because I want to make sure that it will work for next year and that I can have some feedback from more people than lets say I released this during Easter.

    Hi guys. This is Deathwatch, a map originally made for Halloween 2015, however due to me having little experience with hammer and having a very limited time, I have pushed this back to 2016 so I can make it as the way I want to. Koth_Deathwatch is a Halloween king of the hill version of arena watchtower. Before anyone asks, YES I do have permission from the originally maker of the map to publish this map. I changed it so it would work with King of The Hill which is a much more popular game mode than arena. The map has several features such as the return of the Skeleton king, the skeleton minions, the Headless Horseman and Monoculus. I was mainly focusing on them when I created this map so yeah......

    Anyway here is a summary of this maps features, what shall be added and what might be added (I want to know if you would want me to add those ones)>

    Existing features:

    -Koth settings for map

    -Halloween settings for map

    -Re texture map

    -Add a nav file to the bsp (needs testing)

    -Add the Skeleton King

    -Add the Skeletons

    -Added a window based mechanic

    -Add the Headless Horseman

    -Add Monoculus

    -Add new spawn area to prevent camping

    -Add Underworld

    To be added features:

    -Spooky spells

    -Remake of the underworld

    -Remake of Maps layout

    Possible features (leave suggestions for more to add and give opinions on these on if you want them or not).

    -Exploding Pumpkins

    -Wheel Of Doom


    -Post game events

    -Normal King of the hill watchtower.

    For the last part I will post a few questions people are likely to have about this.

    Question: Why is Merasmus not in this map?
    Answer: Merasmus does not functions properly and will just hang around the bottom of the map doing nothing -_-

    Question: If this is for Halloween 2016, WHY ARE YOU RELEASING IT THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
    Answer: BECAUSE IT'S A BETA. Do you think anyone would even notice if I uploaded it in the middle of Christmas? I want to make sure there is no game breaking thing in this map before I release 3 other maps that may have that same problem. I am worried that the Bosses are going to mess up.

    Question: Don't you need nav files to have the bots functioning?
    Answer: The nav file is in the bsp (at least it should be).

    Question: Did you just do a fast render of this map?
    Answer: Yes, for some reason my pc is suffering from the "Can't render a normal map with taking a year" virus and so I am going to have to render it on something else -_-

    Question: This map is not working, what is wrong with it?
    Answer: I don't know, you tell me ;)
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    When making Halloween maps, you want to make ones from maps that are actually fun. Just something to think about.
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    Tell valve that...
    Sd_doomsday wasnt a good pick for scream fortress nor was it fun...
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    Eh, I actually like Doomsday, and I like bumper carts. I was pretty satisfied with it.
  5. Lain

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    I enjoy Doomsday quite a lot.
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    And why is watchtower not fun?
  7. Zed

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    Because it's literally a circle and rounds never end?