KotH koth_crossunder a3

A newcomer's first stab at map creation

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    koth_crossunder - A newcomer's first stab at map creation

    Jank, check.
    Emptiness, check.
    Fun or interesting? to be determined.
    A fairly simple koth map, with the control point situated in an open basement. The idea is that capping the point and controlling the bottom area relies on controlling the top area first. But is that really how it plays out? Nobody knows yet.

    First off, thanks for checking this out. Mapping is something I never thought would be as accessible as it is, and I'm glad to be here.

    I know this map is far from perfect, but I'm hoping it at least shows some promise. if not, well. I won't feel bad if my first creation ever turns out to be a flop. Still... here's to trying, hm?


    known issues:
    -some jank geometry in a few places makes corners you can get caught on, I've not attempted to do any sort of smoothing or clipping yet.
    -lighting is rough, but I'm working on a potato here and didn't want to get too complicated so early.
    -what are the legs even doing there? I don't know. They're a relic from the first steps of making the map and I didn't want to get rid of them until I know they're totally pointless. at the very least, they might be good for adding details and environment later.
    -several doors ore over-scaled and I was too excited to share to wait on getting them just where I'd like them.
    -the large rooms from spawn to the point are really empty and awkward. I think there might be some extra passages up there, leading to different places. but I don't want to push complexity too much so early.
    -dev textures are kinda bland.
    -map design is quite simple and empty.

    known positives:
    -this map is unexpectedly fun for learning the basic maneuvers of rocket jumping, and has really convenient and satisfying paths over and across it. Even I (who can't do jump maps to save their life) accidentally pogo'd across the map from blue ramp into blue cubby. Now I see why people play jump maps so much.
    -the environment is surprisingly distinct in all areas, despite being all dev textures. I've come up with callouts while working on it.

    +can jump from leg to cubby easily
    +can jump over capture point easily
    +can navigate the area behind the window very efficiently
    +scattergun is very effective in these areas
    -suffers while on the lower level

    +can jump out of the capture pit easily
    +can quickly access any point on the map from the ramps, depending on how much health they are willing to give up
    +trolldiers gonna have a good time
    +legs offer great sightlines to the opposite team's corner
    -healthpacks are not placed in great places for continuous jumping, forcing soldiers to face risks in order to get heals (I hope).
    -ammo pickups along jump routes will only sustain jumps as rapid movement, not sustained use.

    +can detjump onto roofs
    +can detjump from leg to cubby to ambush enemies behind window
    +layout of the point allows pyros to close distance and duck into cover if needed
    +uncoordinated soldiers can feed skilled pyros easily reflected rockets due to best sights into the corners coming from a distance
    +wall in front of the window is high enough for a pyro to sneak in and ampush players coming through window or gate without being spotted (I think)
    -suffers greatly in the open spaces otherwise

    +can surf up ramps with a bit of practice and finesse to cross areas quickly
    +rollers are very effective to spam into gates as a deterrent
    +with practice, can hit enemy window from house or roof
    +can pressure the point and corners without any line of sight
    +high ceiling and wide areas make stickyjumping very effective for getting around without being noticed

    +dispensers are incredibly helpful to team almost anywhere
    +window offers plenty of metal for setup
    +can (potentially) lock down corner areas as long as the sentry is not too aggressive
    -most sentry placement areas have large areas outside their view range
    -generally very vulnerable anywhere they set up

    +large health pools will be invaluable for capping
    +lower areas keep most overaggressive enemies in a very good range for dealing minigun damage
    -many sniper sightlines

    +regen helps be bold while staying on cap
    +many open crossbow paths, from cover across long ranges to teammates in other cover areas
    +constant damage on point allows quick uber build
    -medic is always, always, always in danger if they aren't aware of their surroundings.

    +lots of long sightlines into key areas
    -most sightlines are in direct view of opposing snipers
    -most areas with easy and powerful sights are also either very exposed, or don't have quick access to health
    -reaching most powerful sightlines requires snipers to encounter other classes on the way there

    spy (needs some work)
    -map doesn't have many alternate passages or extra space for spies to sneak around and evade bumps with.
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