72hr koth_collusion_a1 2017-02-12

First ever map. Made for the Winter 2017 jam.

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    koth_collusion_a1 - First ever map. Made for the Winter 2017 jam.

    This map was not designed to be played!

    Since this would be my first map, I took the 72hr jam as an opportunity to learn as much as possible. While I didn't have as much time as I had hoped, I achieved the following:
    1) Using custom (Frontline) assets with VIDE.
    2) Creating more complex geometry with Skew, Cut, etc.
    3) Basic functions of a koth map (respawn rooms, control point, etc).
    4) Proper skybox clipping practices (although the former isn't in the map).
    5) Many smaller things, like making a pit of death.

    Huge shoutouts to everyone who helped. This was a great experience that I'd love to tackle again next year!
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    This is a really nice first map, you did a lot of things and a lot of learning for this. Good job!
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