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    (Holy shit! Erich did something)

    Set in a doublecross theme (with possibly other bits and pieces of themes), BLU and RED are fighting over a control room that controls the flood gates of hazardous material. 2 trains flow often through the 2 lines located below the point.
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    pics are needed or i can't see what is going on there
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    who is this erich kid anyways, sounds like a spammer
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    30mb download? must be dem models and textures. just had a run through it.

    missing textures
    [​IMG] happens on every door thing except one or two here!

    more missing textures:

    layout looked pretty solid, flow looked pretty decent. i dont really like the area with the trains too much, seemed kind of convoluted, and the wide ramp up and the area in front of the cap seems kind of boring. cap area looks fun and good size. yay biohazardous waste isn't instakill. looks like fun with dead ringer.
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    It was alright. However...

    The point seemed pretty boring. All that's there to break it up from a box room with 4 entrances is a thing in the middle which gets in the way. The trains area got..no play. I never saw anyone in it, same with the gray rooms off to the side.
    The main spawn door was low, and really easily campable. I realize there's other exits, but the campable one is the one you face when you spawn.
    The visual style is a bit...gray and dark at the moment too, and with the boring point it seemed a bit monotonus in playing. Sorry to be harsh, but thats how I felt.
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    Pictures to come, I didn't have time to take them today. I've fixed spawns to be better as-so-far. More to come when I actually release A2. I'm likely going to redo the center area so the trains are actually able to take part in gameplay. As of what I know now, i'm going to combine the lower and middle floors together to create a flatter, more circle oriented playstyle.
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    I did like the fighting off to the sides of the point and the bridges, but my feedback is pretty much the same. The gray rooms for the most part seem useless, rarely saw anyone make use of them, and angle the spawn points or make it so you can see the second way out of the spawn more easily. There was a bit of easy spawn camping going on also since both spawn exits come out into the same room.
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    Alright, I enjoyed playing the map, so great job on that.

    Few things that bugged me.
    Add some signs for the next revision...
    It felt steep next to the tracks, to me, made it hard to see/where I was.
    The 'dead' rooms near the spawn, there was not a lot of them, but they do have potential to be a nice detail addon. Or make them much smaller, and make them a place for spys to decloak, or a place for pickups.
    Also, obviously, the textures should be packed up next time :p

    I am not sure of this, but maybe more play testing can tell, but the Cap point seems to easily holdable to the team who can get a heavy and medic there first. But, like I said, more playtesting will tell.