koth_baywatch (name taken?)

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    First and foremost, I don't know if that name is taken. Want to use something that insinuates oceanfront property.
    And no, I have not seen nor will make any references to the show or it's actors.

    NOW, onto the good stuff.
    After some hard thinking and map blueprinting (see here) I believe I've come up with a format and environment that gives me the best of a few of those maps. Introducing, koth_baywatch:
    koth-baywatch map.png

    This map is definitely inspired by koth_lakeside, as after playing for about a week on only king of the hill, I found it to be the most enjoyable. The theme is simply that of oceanfront property, with RED and BLU looking to snag the lifeguard station in the middle to claim the entirety of the beach.
    This is only a basic layout, and I most certainly don't want to make too much more of this if everyone believes it wouldn't be a good idea. (For instance, that fence is only there to mark map boundaries.)

    Think this could be a good idea? I'll go into more detail if this gets enough attention.
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    Don't worry too much about attention. Maps don't generally get lots of attention until they reach beta, anyway; just work on your map for yourself until then.

    Some flaws with the layout I see right away:
    • Add more cover in the point area, like rocks, fences, or small shacks
    • The shoreline is just one massive sightline and is also the fastest route to the point by a long shot
    • What's the point of the floating platforms? Why would people want to go out there? I'd recommend making the water impossible to enter past, like, 128 hu deep.
    • It looks like players can fit under the buildings on pilings. Without cover, that's bad for sightlines and vvis. What I would do is make a small hill under the building that touches the underside, so that you can't see straight under.
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    You may only call it Baywatch if it includes pictures of David Hasselhoff
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