koth_barrenbunker 2019-08-05

They don't call it barren for nothing...

  1. Skelly Odin

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    koth_barrenbunker - They don't call it barren for nothing...

    Early versions of the mercenaries we all know and love encountered some abandoned trenches and bunkers in a rather isolated area. Did they split the land evenly between each other? Of course not! If capitalism has taught them anything, it's that sharing is for suckers. First come first serve they all say! Unless you're the heavy. Then in that case he'd be more than happy to share the land with his fellow comrades.

    NOTES: This map contains custom assets from the frontline pack.

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  2. Jack5

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    This map is visually stunning, however I can see a couple of gaps through some displacements and there are no pickups on the map. If you can fix these two things, this map will be good to use on servers.