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koth_barn_yard_south_africa_a1 A1

Very small koth map for the 2018 TF2 Summer Jam

  1. mat_mot0

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    koth_barn_yard_south_africa_a1 - Very small koth map for the 2018 TF2 Summer Jam

    I got inspired to make this map after seeing the episode of Somebody Feed Phil on South Africa. The map is very small as it holds 24 players. I used ABS pack to make the koth logic. Tutorials to help me with the map were from UEAK Crash and ToppHatWaffle. I'm happy with the end product as my second map ever to be uploaded. Some of the things I need to improve on would be lighting, optimizing, and displacements. I improved at lighting althought the result were still a little dull. Optimization wasn't so great as it is something I'm still learning. Sometimes the displacements can block a player for a second or so. Overall however it's quite fun to rocket jump around the map and I'm happy with the map itself. I'll definitly continue to work on this map for the future and I had alot of fun making it. :)