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basic geometry and average combat

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    koth_anotherorangemap - basic geometry and average combat

    Welcome to another generic dev texture map. The map is setup asymmetrically, with being able to flank the enemy side in mind. It's made for pretty quick style combat, and it's small. There's a couple of slopes to abuse and charge across to the other team's base if that's your thing.

    Thanks to the Puddy Mapping Pack for making it more accessible to make maps for the not as technically inclined.

    Oh yeah, here's some pictures

    Here's the center, with ledges to jump atop the point, small walls to hide behind, and a few rooms

    here's a high up view of Red's side looking to the center of the map

    and here's an image of a staircase leading up to the roof of red's side of the map, with the red resupply room hidden from view

    There's a couple more things in here, like a few rooms not shown in the screenshots, but nothing really crazy. There's some ammo boxes and medkits in the rooms, and just enough to not be too many, but not too few to be running out of ammo all the time. The map isn't unbalanced towards any one class unless there's a really good sniper.