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KotH koth_alpine A2

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May 24, 2018
Alpine - Take advantage of the two outer buildings to converge on the center objective!

If you want the long version, watch this video:

(Sorry about the whistling S's and me clearing my throat. I didn't realize how annoying it was until I re-watched it :p)

Cliff notes version:
  • The map has two buildings and my goal is for the teams to fight over these two buildings to give them vantage points to attack and defend the objective from.
  • I am afraid of how to balance snipers since I want to give other classes enough cover to avoid them, but I don't want the sniper to be unplayable either.
  • I want to make sure the building over the cliff has enough good entrances that can't all be blocked off too easily.
  • I didn't put signs pointing to the objective because I didn't know where players would get confused. So please tell me where to put them if you think the map needs them.


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May 31, 2018
Hello Zungry!

It's quite cool that you have a video it really helps explain/show what you want from the map and your thoughts on things.

I quite like the map in general and the areas/routes are quite varied in how they feel.

The corridors should maybe be a bit wider just so you have a bit more space to work with when you're fighting in them, it could make it difficult to push through/fight someone who is in one of the bigger squares going through the long corridor as is. Which could help with entrances being blocked off especially with this entrance being much further away from the others.

There maybe should be a playerclip/something else stopping you from going ontop of spawn since a soldier/demoman could get up there and shoot down onto the fairly narrow exits from up there, there is also an exploit when you're ontop of the spawn you can go to the left of the mountain and go out of bounds, the same is with ontop of the big building with the balcony.

I'd probably say the best building (in terms of how powerful it is for a team to be there) is the building with the balcony, it's quite close to the point and you can shoot down from the balcony with 2 mini healths nearby with a huge healthpack downstairs it's smaller but that makes it easier to defend and you can defend with the help of healthpacks/from above.

Whereas the other building seems more for positioning/going through one of the different routes into spawn but possibly wouldn't be as good for defending the point.

Possibly the corridor area needs shortening to make it a bit closer to the other routes since it takes quite a bit to get there although it could be fine as is depending on how good of a position you end up in after taking it. The convenient thing with how it is currently if you do want to shorten it all you would have to do would be to straighten this bit out.


The thing with arrows with this map is if you go through either of the first 2 entrances it's quite easy to tell where the point is since there's the big "A" either side that is visible from either entrance, one already takes you directly to the point and the other fairly nearby. There probably aren't many places you could get lost, maybe in the biggest building to easily see all of the different routes? then you know each direction that you can go that will lead you to the point or possibly the 2 first entrances since you can easily see the map from those.

That's about all I can think of, Have fun!
May 24, 2018
Thank you for the thorough reply! I shortened the towers path and revamped the bit under the objective. I'll post the new version tomorrow, probably.
May 24, 2018
I'm still exploring the game engine, so I decided to add a 3D-skybox, props, and a bunch of layout changes. Probably a bad idea since I still haven't done any real playtesting, but the decorated areas aren't areas that will likely need very much changing. The main layout changes were to the basement, alpine towers route, and the ditch around the objective.

Read the rest of this update entry...


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Jul 29, 2016
i recommend adding a thumbnail and preview pictures so we can get a look at the map before downloading