KotH koth_afterburn A5

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Da Froog

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Jul 19, 2016
koth_battle_a1 - A map for the Frontline! community project.

This is my first map. It's meant to eventually be submitted to the Frontline! community project, so it uses some frontline props. Make sure you have those downloaded! Please, give some feedback. 20160719105917_1.jpg


May 28, 2013
If you are going to use custom content you are going to have to pack them inside your bsp. file. (You can't force people to download an entire content pack just to run your map) Check out VIDE for example on how to do that.


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Mar 11, 2016
First Of all you don't have to take me seriously, im just giving you some tips :p

For map.jpg

Here Is an OP-Ish spot, even though he can be denied by the balcony but a good sniper can easily snipe anyone coming through here. Can be countered by a sniper in this passage.


Same thing but can't be countered from passage. Only the balcony.


Again But can be countered by a sniper anywhere....time to move on from this problem. (after this)

thing 1.jpg

So some fixes for the passages would maybe be a wall here making it a viable spot to hold from (combo etc.) And maybe some head-height cover too.

thing 2.jpg

And finally the most OP spot, if a sniper can get up here and kill the sniper on the other team (speaking from Highlander) he can basically deny anyone coming onto the point. Possible fix, make it so that sniper cant get up here by rising the cover of the point.

Like I said dont take me seriously :3
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Da Froog

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Jul 19, 2016
*Added a new ground texture
*Raised cover around the point to block sightlines
*Added a window looking at the full health-kit in connector
*Changed a pillar under the stairs leading to battlements to a wall to provide cover
*Added cover in the rightside route to mid
*Added clipping to the bottom of the stair prop leading into the vents
*Added some detail to the connector leading out from the spawn courtyard

I don't have many ideas on what to change before beginning detailing right now so i will try to submit this to the next gameday! Be sure to be on the lookout for a chance to test this on a server with people.

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Da Froog

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Jul 19, 2016
*Downscaled the routes leading from spawn to mid
*Added a new building to mid
*Temporarily removed all frontline assets
*Added a new door leading from the battlements building out to mid
*Altered the left building by adding a new route leading to the new building and changing the location of the previous door
*Made the health and ammo platform next to mid smaller
*Some other minor changeskoth_battle_a30001.jpg

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