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    Get ready to play the NEWEST, AWESOMEST, MOST THRILLING, MOST SPEC- aww, who am I kidding... just play the map.
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    You are tearing me apart, SonicLuvr.

    EDIT: Checked the map out. I have a few things to say...

    First off, your spawns don't work. You need to place a func_respawnroom in your spawn rooms to allow players to switch class and loadouts. You're also missing func_respawnroomvisualisers, i.e. the "no entry" thing that stops enemies from entering spawn. So as long as a RED player holds the door open, anyone from BLU can wander in, and vice versa. You'll also notice in that screenshot that I'm switched on the mat_fullbright setting, and here's why...

    A lot of your map is shrouded in darkness. The area around spawn is weirdly dark, the control point room is almost entirely pitch-black (the stairs are very bright though, which is more Source's fault I think) and there are other weird shadows around the map caused mostly by the fence prop you're using to block off the edges of the map (disable shadows on those danged things!).

    The layout of the map itself isn't much to shout about either - it looks like you've made a big empty space and then put things in it, rather than creating a cohesive layout. Not only that but you haven't even put enough things in it - it's still massively open with sightlines up the wazoo, and the worst offender is this sightline immediately outside of spawn, which incidentally also has a full ammo pack and health kit hidden in the lake with another medium ammo pack and health kit practically within arm's reach.

    Other niggles:
    This sort of jumping rigmarole is never fun to do, so use it sparingly and in areas where players aren't so exposed (like in Dustbowl).

    Displacement seam here.

    These crates are floating.

    These stairs aren't clipped. Make sure all your stairs are clipped so players can run up them smoothly, rather than juddering awkwardly and coming to a sudden halt every time they try to jump up them. (These last two screenshots also have fullbright enabled because of how sodding dark everything is.)
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    It seems like you could use some help with a better layout. If you want some help, I'd recommend taking a look at finished king of the hill maps. Viaduct is a popular example to follow, but feel free to also look at community made ones too. Some of my favorites are Moonshine and Coalplant.

    Good koth layouts usually lead players towards the point, and offer a variety of ways to attack it. Use height advantage, flanks, and sniper spots as possible ways to attack.
    I see your point is in a very enclosed and small place, you usually want some space so people have distance to attack it from.
    Remember, you don't have to make a box and put things in it, get creative! Do some interesting things with your geometry. You can make slanted roofs, make stairs, or do whatever you really want to! You've made your central point out of a box, how about adding more buildings with lots of height or make building with an overhang? You can really go wild, time isn't an issue while mapping.
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    Just left location-specific feedback on your map about skybox shadows. Just realised that the shadows might be caused by the fence props. You should make then not cast shadows, or investigate the -textureshadows flag usage.