Koth or Arena? should koth replace arena?

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    Excuse the copy/paste from another forum. The ratings I speak about are on the calculatedchaos site. They map test/rate maps mon/tues's.

    The ratings, are on a 5 point scale.
    Arena mode: one life, or 60 seconds to cap point. Ammo, maybe some small health.

    Koth (King of the Hill): respawn, variable time to cap, koth_lighthouse is 3 minutes.
    Ammo and health like regular maps

    Both are probably best in similar maps, small, spawns close to cap, not far to travel, teleports probably useless.

    I was just thinking about koth_lighthouse. I always liked arena_lighthouse and most 'serious' (by that I mean not maps with 100 cows in a box) arena maps.
    When Psy first annouced the koth version I was sceptical, but I had quite a bit of fun on it yesterday and alot of people were playing. Seemed like everyone was having fun.

    But it seems that popular opinion of arena maps is low. Even Lumberyard which is an excellent arena map imo is barely over a 3 (3.19 I think) on the ratings page.

    While Arena_lighthouse sits at about a 4, it still doesn't have enough votes to be counted as a permanant map for rotation. Koth_lighthouse on the other hand is barely over 3 but has alot of votes. So it leaves me a bit confused.

    Is it that only people who liked arena_lighthouse voted on it, thus a high score with few votes, or do people like it better than the koth version?

    Or do people like koth more (hence more votes) but they don't like lighthouse for that map type? Obviously koth_rainbow is a hideous map (my sincere appologies to the mapper and/or anyone who likes it - but it is one of those love/hate maps like mario kart due to the fact it's so extreme and un tf2 like) but it has a ton of votes and is almost a 4.
    Anyway, those are the things that got me thinking. What I really want to know basically is do people tend to like Koth maps more than arena?
    Obviously Koth solves the main issue most people have with arena, sitting out.

    I've currently got 2 arena maps in beta and near completion, so would it be worth it to also have a koth version of each. The groundwork for the new mode would be simple to configure and the maps are basically ready for it.
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    koth doesn't require a separate config does it?

    At any rate..I personally don't put arena maps on the server for being too different from normal gameplay...at present I have no qualms at all about putting koth maps on the server...unless they literally hurt my eyes....:)
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    KotH is nice, but most (the version I made works good) maps lack a good hud.
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    The arena game mechanics wouldn't be useable in the same file as far as I know due to no respawn and 'wait for players'. I haven't looked into it yet but I bet it's almost as simple as a one CP map with a 3 minute cap time.