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KoTH is the new black

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by tovilovan, May 23, 2010.

  1. tovilovan

    tovilovan L6: Sharp Member

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    After reading I realized KoTH maps are something more than just a random spamfest, and feature lots of versatility. The most important thing being the Hill forcing the players to push and be aggressive to win. Also, the timer makes games interesting until the end, something that 5-cp maps can fail with often ending up in 5-0 victories which isnt too interesting no matter how skillful the players are.

    This is when I realized somebody who knows how to make a map (preferrably not me) should make a competitive focused KoTH map. The question is: what would make the perfect comp KoTH map? Viaduct, which is a map certainly not based on the comp gameplay, apparently works quite well, even having that chokey of a mid (imagine that mid on a 5cp, TIGHT!). With this in mind I figured that maybe the KoTH mid shouldnt be att all like the 5cp mid.

    I’ve thought up a list of what a great comp map should feature, being a noob I’m pretty positive it’s far from complete.

    - A few flanks, not too many
    - Different possible startegies both for attack and defense
    - Vertical play, height advantages
    - Balanced placement of healthkits
    - All the other mapping guidelines that work for all mapping.

    TL;DR: Now the question is: how would the perfect KoTH map look like. I it Viaduct or something else? What features are needed to make a KoTH map suitable for comp?

    I hope this leads to more comp KoTH maps being made, seeing as it is both easier to make than a 5-cp (at least when it comes to the very mapping), and also allows for more experimenting.
  2. Pooluke41

    Pooluke41 L5: Dapper Member

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    Imagine this, A Hill, With Roads leading up to it, But BUildings along the way that lead across to the other enemies road, Mining things that lead there as well and at the top there is a Church or Something and thats the CP
  3. Exist

    Exist L6: Sharp Member

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    lolcano has the best koth game play I've seen in awhile. If you haven't played it yet go download it and play it with a few bots.
  4. Frush

    Frush L2: Junior Member

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    I'm imagining it, now what?
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