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    Hey! So, I'm new to mapping, and I'm making a KOTH map. Well, while I was making the middle, I notice something: my CP wasn't on a hill, but on a, ugh, depression (...? I really don't know how to call it in english). Then I looked to other maps, and all of them has CPs on hills. Then I looked to the forums about what makes a good KOTH map, a lot of them said that CPs on hills is the best choice. But, in my map, I think that the CP on a depression will be better than on a hill. I still didn't playtest the map with other people (since I have no idea where I'm going to get people to playtest it), so I really have no idea which one is the better choice. Help? (here's a screenshot) (btw, I have a bad english, sorry about that)[​IMG]
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    It depends on the surroundings as well. It's good for it to be on a hill because you want to encourage players to be in that position, whereas if they're lowering themselves compared to incoming enemies they're going to be at a disadvantage and not want to be in that area (and so you'll have both teams either avoiding capping, or simply dying when they try to capture)
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    Hello, welcome to the forums firstly.
    Secondly, its in the best interest of the gamemode to have the objective in both an attackable and defendable area, this is best done by placing it on a hill or above the normal level.
    Though there is no end all be all way to create a map, there are multiple maps that are exceptionally well made and can be used as inspiration and reference, koth_viaduct being a great example.
    But, there are maps that break the meta, koth_king being an example.

    In the end its up to you, but be open to feedback. :)
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    The word you are looking for is a valley.
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