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    Hello again!

    Everyone's least favorite map is back, but smaller and less buggy now! At least thats the hope.

    I've redone the entire layout, fixed the logic issues, shrank it down, etc etc.

    So hopefully itll be fun. If it's not, I've got alot of ideas to make it more so.

    Below is my process up to this point:

    Gamemode Description
    Depending on how you look at it I have made fifteen 15 minute prototypes, or one 6 hour prototype. It took a lot of tries to find a variation that works with the TF2 entities without issue.

    King of the Flag:
    1. Take the intel up the hill and run onto a capture point.
    2. You immediately gain possesion of the capture point starting your KOTH countdown timer.
    3. Intel immediately returns to bottom of hill.
    4. Team in possession of CP cannot pick up intel again.
    5. When intel is dropped it returns after ten seconds.

    Will this game mode be fun? Let's find out!


    I have finished the prototype and designed a layout. I will start building the layout in Hammer after I post this. I have not yet stress tested the logic, hopefully the hackiness does not have issues. I tried to follow the problem/solution/constraint process before drawing or building anything. Hopefully I am doing it correctly.

    Stated a Problem
    1. I want to make a TF2 map but I like all game modes and can't choose
    2. Want to do something novel.
    3. I don't want to commit to a "full size" map such as A/D or 5CP because I am working on a bunch of other stuff too.
    4. KOTH is too basic, I have done an Arena/KOTH map and want to do something "more."

    Solved the Problem (let's hope)
    1. King of the Flag! Combines multiple game modes!
    2. I haven't seen this done before.
    3. This will be smallish.
    3. This is "more" than just a layout, it is "more" than KOTH.

    1. Small
    2. Flag captures a CP to activate KOTH timer
    3. After entering flag area, the natural path will be offensive. / retreating will be an unnatural path
    4. Finish prototype in 1 night (RESULT: took part of morning too)
    5. No new art assets except if needed to convey gamemode

    Potential Issues
    1. Confusing
    2. Currently winning team could lock the CP down too easily.
    3. Bugs in the system?
    4. Griefers doing bad things with flag.
    5. Attackers could have easy time taking flag through their own territory
    6. May not be significantly different from KOTH or Invade to justify it's own existence.



    EDIT 1, same night update.

    After a couple hours I am ready for bed but not done. Some finegaling that could have waited until after the whole thing was built was done but I nitpick everything, a habit I am trying to break by doing small projects.

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    The layout looks a LOT more realistically sized, so now I'm looking forward to a test where there can be feedback other than "too big. 2/10. would not bang." I share your scepticism that this might not be different enough to KotH to justify the possibly confusing difference but kudos for trying something new. It'll be fun to test if nothing else.
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    So I guess the million dollar question is what to do now that the special delivery mode is official. If you're wondering whether koth is different enough to justify the new game-modes existence then special delivery is definitely too close. Shame valve ended up beating you to the punch, but if you convert this to sd_blovation then at least you have a head start on the mappers who'll want to design for the new game mode.