King of Territorial Control Prefab 2020-09-07

King of the Hill + Territorial Control

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    King of Territorial Control Prefab - King of the Hill + Territorial Control

    TC but KOTH instead of 2CP. Modified from the ABS TC prefab.

    How it works:
    The KOTH point gets teleported to the associated path_track for each round. logic_branch_listeners get the state of the four central TCPs and set the priority for their associated team_control_point_round. To remove a round, delete the associated team_control_point_round and logic_branch_listener.
    To achieve the timer imbalance of the final round, the final team_control_point_rounds input SetTime to the timers created ingame.

    -All active TCPs get captured at once (koth + red + blu) because you are unable to change TCP ownership post-victory. This ensures the TCPs have correct ownership when the next round begins.
    -After the first round, the TCP on the hud is owned by the previous owner before it unlocks. Same reason as above. The model itself is set to neutral.
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