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    I'm planning to make "infinite hidden random" MvM mission on TF2 72hr Jam.

    I kinda need help with creating squads.
    About 3-5 thousands of currrency on average on a player with no difficulty responsibility.
    So, go wild. If your squad will make into mission, your name will be in bots names!
    For example : "Giant Rapid Fire Soldier [Nuke]"

    • Squads (both normals and giants) have size of 6. Not less, not more.
    • Giant squads have 1 or 2 giants in.
    • Also, gatebots are allowed, if you want for certain robot to be a gatebot, just don't forget to mark it somewhere.
    • If you suggested squad, it's probably going to be duplicated in both gatebot and not gatebot type unless some form of balancing issues.
    I wasn't sure where exactly put this thread. I'm not sure if i'm not getting arrogant here somehow(getting in any community is tormendously phisically hard for me). Any form of suggestions (even if they will be changed) are greatly appreciated.