ARENA Kalabasha

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    I decided to make map my first map, hope you like it. Map was made in 3 weeks. And don't forget to leave a feedback.
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    Hey so as you saw we played your map in the impromptu today. Just want to mention that you can find all the associated feedback for the test here, along with its recorded demo.

    I didn't feel like it was very safe to go either up high or along the side routes if I saw a sniper at the end of the alleyways, since they could cover me as I slowly jumped up the boxes, or came straight at them. This, combined with their inevitable height advantage in a couple moments as their team climbed upwards above mid, made me feel like my options were very limited on 'where to go next'. You may want to nudge the top of the building down lower, or keep it that high, clip it off, and add a lower part (like a balcony) going around the sides of it. It's up to you to do what you're comfortable with, but somehow decreasing the extremes would be good.
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