Just trying to add Rain

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Jan 14, 2018
I'm fairly new to mapping and for my first map I'm making a little koth map in using Sawmill's art style. I've got almost everything in place, and I downloaded a decompiled sawmill to help myself out, check wood textures, get the necessary props, that sort of thing.

I noticed sawmill is rainy everywhere except indoors, and the rain is coming from info_particle_systems using env_rain_001 up in the sky. They're all relatively far apart, but the rain covers almost everywhere.

So I copied one into my map and ran a test. The rain seemed to only cover a small area, from a quick glance I'd say a 1024x1024 square. I also noticed that rain fell straight through brushes, props and other world geometry, which of course is a little problematic. Sawmill's rain cuts perfectly around the corners of buildings, and seems to cover a larger, and not-perfectly-square area.

To make a long story short, I'm looking for a tutorial on using particle systems in your level, particularly rain. I have been through all 680~something tutorials in the tutorials forum but if there were any there I missed them. If anyone has one, or could point me in the direction of a good one, that would be wonderful :)

Please note, I am not looking to add weather effects or using precipitation within trigger boxes, I am specifically looking to use the particle system to give my level the authentic sawmill feel. Thanks guys!


qhull precision error
Aug 5, 2016
Keep in mind those edited paritcles are much more CPU-intensive due to collision detection so use them carefully.