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Just some "how do I do this" questions.

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Cap'm Drummond, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Cap'm Drummond

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    So, I've got an idea for a map that's been kicking around in my head for a while, and I've decided to start working on making it a reality. I've got a good idea of what I want and how I want the map to be laid out; however, I've got a couple of concepts that are integral to what I want to do and I want to make sure I can actually do them.
    I guess it might help if I explain what, exactly, it is that I want. I won't get into too much detail for the sake of brevity, so I'll stick to the main points; it'll probably be a bit long, though, so feel free to just scroll ahead to the bolded text.
    A while back, I played a round of cyberpunk (I'm going somewhere with this, I promise) and something rather... interesting happened. As you may know, cyberpunk has a room tucked away with some buttons you can use to play music. To make a long story short, I stumbled across this and immediately put some on. Some people on the server weren't too fond of this, so it became a long battle over whether or not the music plays, and it was actually pretty fun, if rather unbalanced (eventually it just became a turtle-fest).
    I realized that if you were to balance a map around this concept, it could be pretty cool. This is where my questions come in.

    Now, there are two specific things I want to do.
    1. A modified 5-CP gamemode.
    Okay, here's the concept: On the map, there are five control points. Four of them are technically extraneous; they're not important to winning the map. However, each one gives you an additional spawn point (both teams would have a 'standard' spawn independent of any points so that you're not completely lost if you lose all of them). However, the fifth one is important. If either team (or neither team) holds the middle point for long enough, they win the round.
    How do I go about putting in CPs that show up on the HUD, are never locked, and that only affect spawn points?
    How do I make it so that the game is won if a specific point is held long enough?

    2. Music tied to a control point.
    The middle CP causes music to play (or not play). The idea is that one team is trying to stop the music, and the other wants it to play. Depending on who owns the point, speakers scattered throughout the level would play either nothing, a looping, generic sound (probably radio1 or a numbers station sort of thing), or a selection of songs.
    I think I kind of have an idea of how to do this. The plan goes a little like this:
    1. Tie the middle CP to a series of events depending on ownsership.
    2. Add the events to a level_sounds.txt with some wave/rndwave functions.
    3. Add some props with the same name around the level (I'm not sure, but I believe you don't technically need to give entities different names, right?).
    4. Create an ambient_generic that points to the level_sounds script and the props mentioned above as the SourceEntity.
    The only problem with this is that I'm not sure how to make it so that if one sound stops, it'll pick another random one and play that.
    EDIT: Upon further reflection, I realized that it's quite possible I misunderstood the VDC in regards to how soundscripts and ambient_generics work, so I apologize in advance if I confused anybody by being way off-base.
    1. Would the method outlined above work?
    If yes: How would I get it to transition to a second sound if it reaches the end of one?
    If no: Then how would I do it?

    Well, that's that I suppose. Kudos to anyone who actually bothered to read my huge, pretentious wall of text.
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  2. Cap'm Drummond

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    This is a bump, but it's just to say I've figured out how to do everything I want with a little bit of research and a lottle bit of finding somebody else who did something similar and looking at their map.
    I didn't want anybody to respond after it became unnecessary.
  3. UKCS-Alias

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    To have a CP that is never locked make it has itself as previously required cp. You then can use the onownerchangedtoteam1/2 outputs of that cp to enable or disable spawn points.

    For the central CP holding it long enough you might want to have a 6th hidden cp on the map (to ensure that having all 4 spawn cps doesnt couse a instant win on capping the central cp). Then add another team_round_timer where you set the time they have to control that central cp. That timer is purely for that and should be paused from the start. Then when the central cp is capped make it trigger that timer to be resumed and the normal running timer to be paused (you can only have 1 timer active). make sure to do an settime output to the 2nd timer also or the timer wont reset. That 2nd timer activates the round_win when its finished and the central cp changes the team that wins from it.

    And FYI, i have read your bump. i still post it as i have done it before (pl_donut_b3) and in my case it worked also
  4. Vigilante212

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    Yea instead of an ambient generic use a soundscape. you can set up multiple sounds and a random flag.
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